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The Ensaras AI Wastewater Stack is an AI-as-a-service web platform that allows wastewater utilities to streamline data collection, processing, and reporting across varied data streams, and derive real-time actionable insights powered by AI, saving time and money

The Ensaras AI Wastewater Stack Is Your Trusted Digital Transformation Partner

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Say goodbye to siloed data that takes days or weeks to analyze

Treatment plants often lack clarity on the underlying state of their systems, and are unable to take advantage of growing advances in Artificial Intelligence to improve operations.

Automate data collection and reporting workflows

Streamline and automate data collection, processing, and reporting across all plant data streams. What previously took days is now automated and done in matter of minutes.

Improve your understanding and start optimizing

Shift focus from data collection to improving performance, saving energy, and predictive maintenance enabled by AI/ML developed by wastewater process, operations, and AI experts.

Our Data Pipeline

We securely connect to existing hardware/software and provide web forms for data collection/digitization.

Our pipeline automatically ingests and pre-processes data from various sources (e.g. databases, PLC/ SCADA/HMI, web forms) into a single database.

We implement AI and ML algorithms in real-time to detect anomalies, make predictions, optimize, and enable 'just-in time' maintenance for critical equipment.

Our interactive dashboard provides access to data, visuals, and AI/ML insights for improved plant monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and optimization.

Key Features

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Easy Integrations

Our solution is hardware agnostic and easily and securely integrates with existing plant data streams like SCADA, PLC, HMI, AMI, LIMS and CMMS systems

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Smart Web Forms

Our smart web forms are fully responsive and allow teams to digitize and visualize field and operations data, moving away from paper logs and spreadsheets

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Cost and KPI Tracking

Ensure power and chemical consumption stays within targets, use machine learning to learn expected consumption patterns, and get alerts when patterns deviate from data-driven benchmarks

Anomaly Detection

Run anomalies across hundreds of critical parameters in real time and get alerts on the time and severity

of anomalies so that corrective measures can be taken

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Predictive Maintenance

Monitor critical equipment ensuring operations within specified limits, and conduct maintenance based on data driven patterns

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Cyber Security

Our system is kept distinct from on-premise operational technology (OT), and we never send data back to the OT network. Best-in-class security prevents data poisoning and other cyber threats.

AI Your Way

All customers have access to our standard AI/ML modules. Our AI and wastewater experts also develop custom AI/ML algorithms as per client needs and requirements, some past/present use cases include:

  • MBR cleaning schedule optimization
  • Energy intensity optimization
  • Sludge wastage recommendations
  • Surrogate sensor development
  • Biogas yield optimization
  • Prediction of odors
  • Hybrid model development using a combination of process models and data models for predictive control
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Our Plans

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We meet you where you are in your digital transformation journey, whether you are just starting out and looking to implement smart web forms to replace paper operator logs, whether you are looking to implement an IT system to gather data from your on-premise OT systems, or whether you already have lots of digital data streams and you are looking to consolidate them in the cloud to derive added-value.

We meet you where you are.

About Us

Sewage Treatment Plant. Wastewater Treatment Water Use.

Ensaras, Inc. is an AI-as-a-service software provider. Through our web platform, the Ensaras AI Wastewater Stack, we are helping a diverse array of wastewater dischargers including food and beverage facilities, renewable natural gas plants, sewage treatment plants, and other industries with real time data collecting, processing, storage, visualization, and AI/ML powered decision support. We implement best-in-class security protocols to ensure information technology and operational technology networks are kept secure, while plants benefit from the power of AI decision support tools and solutions.

We believe in the power of smart and secure.

Our Mission

At Ensaras our mission is to protect people and the planet by providing digital tools to help wastewater plant operators, managers, and owners better operate their wastewater infrastructure, no matter what their size, and no matter where they are in the world.

Along with closing the wastewater infrastructure gap we must equip communities with the digital tools they need to successfully operate and maintain complex infrastructure once deployed, thus ensuring that access to clean water is preserved for current and future generations.

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Our Experienced Team

Expert in wastewater treatment and resource recovery, with two decades of experience in process engineering, project management, plant

automation, and advanced analytics

Associate Professor at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Expert in artificial intelligence, data science, sensor networks, cloud computing, innovation, and cyber security

Hersh Kshetry, PE

Chief Engineer

Expert in wastewater treatment and resource recovery process design with experience leading process design and operations teams for dozens of facilities globally

Industries We Serve

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Food & Beverage

Brewery Tanks

Food Waste

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Private Development


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